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Visual C++ 2010 Express is used to make Windows Console Applications.

Diagram Designer makes flowcharts, electronic symbol diagrams, GUI design charts,  auto-realm diagrams,  polygons and UML class charts.

This tutorial shows how to create an DMG (Disk Image) to distribute files and programs on the Mac.

DOSBox can run old DOS programs on Windows XP, Vista and W7. Windows Vista 64 and W7 must use a program like DOSBox to run DOS programs. Macintosh users will find that DOSBox will run DOS programs on their systems too.

EigenMath is a free Computer Algebra System (CAS). Eigenmath is comparable to a TI graphing calculator. This tutorial will cover simple arithmetic, floating point numbers, graphs, algebra, calculus, derivatives, integrals and scripts.

Excel 2007 SpreadSheet Tutorials

Excel 2010 SpreadSheet Tutorials

The Free Pascal Compiler is an open source compiler that is similar to Turbo Pascal and Delphi. This series covers command line programs made in FPC (Lazarus) and covers more of the basics than the Pascal App Series.

This tutorial series covers making GUI applications with Free Pascal / Lazarus

Many computer languages and compilers do not come with a way of creating an installer. Inno Setup is a free program that can make install files for Windows programs.

Mouse Locator is a wonderful tool to use to locate the mouse. It can be used to help the visually impaired keep track of the mouse pointer. Mouse Locator can be used with some of the mouse accessibility features of Mac OS X.

Calc 4 is similar to MS Excel and is a free download at http://www.openoffice.org

Pages is part of the iWork ’09 office suite. Currently, the tutorials include creating certificates and posters.

QB64 is QuickBasic 4.5 compatible. QB64 works with the programs within the Qbasic Tutorial Series. QB64 runs on 64 bit Windows Vista, 7 and Linux system. QB64 is perfect for users who want to run Qbasic on newer Windows and Linux systems.

QBasic is an easy to learn computer language. It can be downloaded freely from Microsoft. The tutorial series contains all documentation, code and videos needed to become a good QBasic programmer. Also, the logic and the QBasic programming skills can be transferred over to Visual Basic.

The only tutorial that we have in RB is how to embed a Youtube Video using the HTMLViewer

The speech recognition tutorials are found on the download page. - Mac OS X

Windows Vista and 7 comes with built-in speech recognition software. Windows Speech Recognition (WSR) is the software and this tutorial series will show how to use and program for WSR.

SQL Server Express is a free database server.

This tutorial will show how to do a time lapse video on a Mac.

There are many free operating systems for Virtual Box

These tutorials start at the beginning and leads to game programming and logic. VB Express can be downloaded for free.

The first 14 tutorials are being loaded to YouTube. The projects can still be downloaded.

There is only one C# tutorial. The tutorial shows how to embed YouTube videos into C# applications.

This tutorial series explains step by step, how to make Windows applications in Visual C++ 2010 Express

This series is a supplement for the Visual C++ 2010 Express Series

Visual Studio Express For Web is a suite of applications that are designed to make websites and web apps.

Voice4Me is a program that can turn a Windows 2000+ or Mac OS X computer/laptop into a communication device. Voice4Me is a freeware augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) program.

This tutorial series covers the basics of Windows 8 Pro, Apps, and assistive technology settings.

The only Word 2003, on this page, is a tutorial showing how to create a custom greeting card. This will show you how to create your own Christmas cards.

Word 2007 tutorials takes the user step-by-step from learning the interface to creating some nice projects.


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