DOSBox can run old DOS programs on Windows XP and Vista. Windows Vista 64 cannot run DOS programs at all, and must use a program like DOSBox to run the programs. Macintosh users will find that DOSBox will run DOS programs on their systems too. Gamers will find that DOSBox can slow the old games down so they are playable. Teacher and students who need to run old software, at their schools, can use this program to do just that.

DOSBox can be downloaded at:


To make the situation easy for mounting the C> drive. Create a new sub-folder in the DOSBox folder called Programs. Then, place the programs that you want to use in the Programs sub-folder. When DOSBox starts, all you will need to do is type

mount c programs

The program folder will be mounted as C>. Change the drive by typing c: and you are all set to start using DOSBox.

On some computers DOSBox does not run the mouse well for QBasic. By using Alt, Tab, Enter, and the arrow keys, QBasic can be navigated efficiently.

Another thing to note, is that Ctrl-F11 slows down DOSBox and Ctrl-F12 speeds it up. This can be useful to gamers running old games on their system.

Video Tutorials: There are two video tutorials in this section.

Running DOS Programs on Windows XP and Vista With DOSBox (8:36)

Running DOS Programs on Macintosh With DOSBox (7:44)