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The Sun Without Sunspots

The total lack of sunspots on the Sun is rare.

Google Doodle Rubik’s Cube Solution

This video shows how to solve the Rubik's Cube quickly.

The Rubik's Cube can be solved quickly by using keyboard shortcuts.

The keys are:

LsllddrBurDLRFddLu   (Case matters)

Click next to the cube 4 times to get the cube active, then, use the keyboard shortcuts.

Lunar Eclipse At Moon Set

This is a video taken of the lunar eclipse that was recoded at moon set

Where To Find The Supernova

Supernova 2011fe in M101 (NGC 5457) - Pinwheel Galaxy - has been discovered and can be seen with binoculars and/or telescope. This supernova will be one of the more brilliant supernovas to been seen from Earth.

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Half Moon Full HD

I was able to test a Sony HandyCam HDR-CX130 Camcorder. I was able to get a video of the moon, one night.

Galileo Galilei’s telescope had about 20x - 30x optical magnification. The HandyCam’s 30x optical zoom should give us an idea of what Galiao saw when he looked at the moon with his telescope. 

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Prairie Crayfish - Procambarus (Girardiella) Gracilis - Grassland Crawdad - Video


This crayfish was found walking down a trail, in a nature preserve, located in the south side of Chicago Illinois.

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Google Guitar Link And Website - Les Paul Birthday Doodle


The Google Guitar made a big hit, but has been replaced. For those who want to still play, the Google Guitar, here is the link:

Google Guitar Video Tutorial

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Free Operating System Disk Images For VirtualBox Downloads


VirtualBox is a free virtual machine (emulator) for Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris. SourceForge ( has made large amounts of free operating system disk images for VirtualBox. VirtualBox runs the disk images with the need for drive partitioning and difficult installation. The disk images can be placed on flash drives (thumb drives). This allows the disk image to be taken with the user and run on any computer that has VirtualBox installed.

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Cat vs Computer Mouse Screen Program


I was cat sitting, one whole week, for some family members. The kitty was very aggressive towards the computer monitor. Every time something changed on the screen, the cat tried to catch it. The screen was not damaged, because the screen’s glass was harder than the cat’s claw. I decided to make a computer program for the cat. The results are quite funny.

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Looking At The Good In This World


Sometimes We Just Need To Look At The Good In This World

Science Humor


Proving some of the scientific community has a sense of humor

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Does Bread Fall Butter Side Down?


Why does bread land butter side down? People have asked that question for over 100 years.

NewsPaper in Norwalk Ohio 1841:

    I never had a slice of bread,

    Particularly large and wide,

    That did not fall upon the floor,

    And always on the buttered side!

What This Is About:

Experiments will be conducted to see if bread and toast lands butter side down.

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Computer Programming with Free Pascal


Pascal was created as a teaching language for programming. Pascal became very popular with Borland’s Turbo Pascal and Delphi brands in the 80’s and 90’s. Delphi, Turbo Pascal’s replacement, is still available for commercial development of Windows programs. However, many educational institutions are still using Turbo Pascal or not teaching programming at all.  Teachers should look at a clone of Turbo Pascal/Delphi called Free Pascal with the IDE Lazarus for teaching computer programming.

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Free Coloring Pages For Children and Teachers


Kea Coloring Book is a wonderful free coloring book program for the computer. However, there are thousands of free coloring pages that can be downloaded and printed for coloring by hand. Teachers will find that there are plenty of educational coloring pages that can be used in classroom activates.

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Making Money with AdSense, Affiliate Programs, Blogs and Websites     3/21/09 (Updated 2/27/2010)


Lets face it, this economy is hurting and many people and non-profit companies are not doing well. Creating informative websites and blogs can be relatively easy to do. These sites can produce extra cash for the owner and can be created at very low cost. Money can be generated from the web by  joining the AdSense and affiliate programs. Joining the AdSense program and becoming an affiliate is a simple as filling out a form. Even, with the downturn in the economy, there still is opportunity to raise extra money for yourself or for the organization. This blog will give you some ideas and suggestions on how to earn some extra cash by creating a website and/or blog.

Getting Started:

    Although, we want to make money, it is more important to focus on creating good content than to try to make money at this point. Remember, the more people coming to the site, over and over again, will generate more revenue for your site. First, worry about creating good content, and the ad revenue will follow. Therefore, the first thing should be done, is to decide what the content is to be. When choosing content, pick something that you are interested in. If you like reading books, do book reviews and suggestions on what to read. If you are interested in software for children then reviews of software might be the answer. Many titles have trial versions and demos where you can have enough time to get to know the software and write the review without having to pay for anything. Writing about your hobby can increase your knowledge of the hobby and make it easer to create content for the site.

  For non-profit groups, it might be best to create a different site with a different domain name to run advertising on, instead of your main site. Creating a blog or site to generate advertising revenue can make it look like you are promoting commercial products and can make the non-profit page look tacky with ads on it. Creating a different site isolates your main site from attempting to generate money.

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