Free Speech Recognition Dictation Software For Windows Vista and Windows 7

Covers setting up and calibrating the speech recognition software.

Shows how to control the mouse with Mouse Grid commands.

Show Numbers is another way of controlling the mouse. By calling Show Numbers all items that can be clicked on get a number. When that number is called, that item is clicked on by the mouse.

WSR not just for dictating to a word processor. WSR can control Windows and other programs too.

For this tutorial, Word 2007 will be used.

Works 9, WordPad, and Notepad is used. does not work with WSR, however there is a workaround that maybe useful.

PowerPoint 2007 is used for this tutorial.

Excel 2007 is used for this tutorial. Dictating and controlling Excel is extremely tedious.

Navigating the internet by speech commands is shown using IE and Firefox.

Using the computer to dictate to may help students with speech difficulties. Students can practice reading, talking, and dictating to the computer. A text-to-speech program can be used to have the computer read back to the student.

Speech Macros are little programs that can build upon WSR and allow

Making speech macros is easy. Anyone can do it.

Windows Vista and W7 comes with built-in speech recognition and dictation software called Windows Speech Recognition (WSR). These tutorials use Windows 7, however, Windows Vista users should be able to follow along without complication. 

Putting these tutorials together was time consuming and there were some costs involved. Please support this site. Thank You!

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