WSR Tutorial 10 - Dyslexia and Speech Therapy

Free Speech Recognition Dictation Software For Windows Vista and Windows 7 Tutorial 10 - Dyslexia and Speech Therapy


Speech Therapy

Using the computer for dictation may help students with speech difficulties. Students can practice reading, talking, and dictating to the computer. Some students who are shy about their difficulties my be more open to working with the computer than other methods. Since WSR comes with the computer, there is no extra charge for trying this method out.


Windows comes with a text-to-speech engine. Dictation is speech-to-text. The student can dictate to the computer, thus, eliminating the need for writing. The computer can read back to the student using text-to-speech. This helps with proofreading. A free text-to-speech program is TypeIt ReadIt. TypeIt ReadIt is fully compatible with WRS. Once the user is done dictating and proofreading with TypeIt ReadIt, the text can be copied and pasted into a word processor for formatting.


TypeIt ReadIt

Video Tutorial: Free Speech Recognition Tutorial 10 - Dyslexia and Speech Therapy

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