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TypeIt Readit Download


TypeIt ReadIt can help users who are visually impaired, cannot read, desire to improve their reading comprehension, or just want to listen to their documents read aloud. TypeIt ReadIt can convert text to a spoken sound file by using its text-to-speech technology.  These sound files can be inserted into iTunes, CD, an iPod, PowerPoint, iMovie, Audacity or any other software or device that supports sound files. This can allow students, with speech difficulties, to place the sound files in their presentations, so, they can participate with lessons and class activities.

With TypeIt ReadIt, students can listen to their documents on their iPod. Business people can convert their emails, documents, and memos to listen to their documents on their car radio while they are stuck in rush-hour traffic. Also, TypeIt ReadIt is a useful alternative for young children’s typing lessons instead of using a confusing word processor.

The Declaration of Independence as read by TypeIt ReadIt Mac OS X using the Alex text-to-speech voice.

Cost: FREE

TypeIt ReadIt is freeware. Anyone can use it without charge. It took a lot of time and money to create this program and site. If you use this program frequently, please consider sending a few dollars to help us maintain our programs and site. Contributions can be done quickly and securely by clicking on the button below. We hope, that in the future, we will have enough money to create educational tools full-time. Thank you for your support.


TypeIt ReadIt updated 4/11/2010  --  Please link to our site, instead of distributing our program. Thank You.

        Mac OS 10.2.x - 10.8.x      

        Windows 2000 - Windows 8       

Free Windows 2000 - XP Voices:

Some versions of Windows 2000 do not come with text-to-speech installed. The SpeechSDK51.exe can install the text-to-speech system for Windows 2000. This file can also load the Mike and Mary Voices for Window XP.  SpeechSDK51.exe can be downloaded from Microsoft:



The SpeechSDK51LangPack.exe (For Windows XP) can install the Simplified Chinese Text To Speech Engine. Please install the SpeechSDK51.exe before installing the language pack add on.



System Requirements:

Mac OS 10.2.x - 10.8.x

PPC G3 233 MHz or Intel CPU

128 MB RAM

50 MB Free Hard Drive Space *

640x480 Screen Resolution


Windows 2000 - Windows 8


128 MB RAM

50 MB Free Hard Drive Space *

640x480 Screen Resolution


      * Saving to Sound requires more hard drive space depending on length and amount of sound files created.


       Macintosh Manual (pdf)

       Windows Manual (pdf)

Video Tutorial: TypeIt ReadIt 1.6

Tutorial On Using TypeIt ReadIt For Windows With Voice Recognition

What’s New With TypeIt ReadIt:

4/11/2010 TypeIt ReadIt v1.6  Released

  1. British English dictionary was added to the spellchecker

  2. Fixes the saving of text correctly, on close, in some versions of Windows

  3. Text made more universal in Mac version when saving upon close

  4. Fixes the bug that prevented the Windows Version from working with some netbook computers.

2/28/09 TypeIt ReadIt v1.5 Released

  1. A Windows version is created.

  2. The font size can be increased to 200 point.

  3. Highlighting of text is removed to allow for faster text reading.

  4. The computer reads text more fluently.

  5. The program is able to save user settings.

  6. Save-to-Sound is modified to prevent voices like Alex from reading fast at the start then moving to a normal rate.

  7. Third-party voice and novelty voice support is added. This allows for the computer to read in different languages. For the computer to read in a language the voice must be designed for that language.

  8. Added support to save text containing non-English characters and symbols.

  9. The spellcheck supports French, German, Icelandic, Italian, Spanish and English.

  10. Color support for Font, Window and Background is added.

  11. The Stop Button/Menu is changed to Pause/Resume

  12. Only one version of TypeIt ReadIt is needed for Mac OS X 10.2.x +

11/24/08 Creating an Audiobook tutorial was added

6/9/08 TypeIt ReadIt User Interface link to TeacherTube added

4/10/08 TypeIt ReadIt User Interface video tutorial added

2/19/08 TypeIt ReadIt v1.1 released

  1. Uses less computer resources

  2. Runs faster

  3. Works with all computers running Mac OS X 10.2.x - 10.5.x

  4. Fixes the mouse bug that prevented some Mac OS X 10.2 computers from running the program correctly

  5. Fixes the scripting bug that prevented some Mac OS X 10.3 computers from running save-to-sound correctly

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