WSR Tutorial 11 - Installing Speech Macros

Free Speech Recognition Dictation Software For Windows Vista and Windows 7 Tutorial 11 - Installing Speech Macros


Macros are programs (scripts) that allow WSR to be customized. To run macros or make macros, the free Windows Speech Recognition Macros Tool program must be downloaded and installed. Note: The download site for the WSR Macros Tool says Windows Vista, but it is needed and works for Windows 7.


Running WSR Macros Tool:

After installing WSR Macros Tool, run the program. The program looks like it is not running. It does not pop up on the screen. The program is running and can be displayed by clicking the WSR Macros Tool icon in the computer’s tray. On some computers, there is a little button next to the tray that will allow the user to see hidden tray icons. Once WSR Macro Tool is running, the macros are activated and can be called upon.

Signing Macros:

By default, macros can not run unless they are signed. To sign macros open the macro in edit mode, click next, then make sure that the box “Digitally sign the Speech Macro (Recommended)” is checked, then, click Create. If a signature has not been created already, the computer will create one. Follow the on-screen instructions to create a signature.

Another way of signing macros is to right click on the WSR Macros Tool icon in the tray, select Security, then Sign Speech Macros. A window will be displayed and speech macros can be sighed individually or in groups.


Windows Speech Recognition Macros Tool

Windows Speech Recognition Macros

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