WSR Tutorial 4 - Controlling Windows

Free Speech Recognition Dictation Software For Windows Vista and Windows 7 Tutorial 4 - Controlling Windows


WSR not just for dictating to a word processor. WSR can control Windows and other programs too.


Open [Program’s Name]: Example: Open FireFox: Opens the program

Close [Program’s Name]: Example: Close FireFox: Closes the program

Switch To [Program’s Name]: Example: Switch To FireFox: When a program is open, Switch To will make that program the top active program.

Minimize [Program’s Name]: Example: Minimize FireFox:
Minimizes the program.

Maximize [Program’s Name]: Example: Maximize FireFox:
Maximizes the program.

Restore [Program’s Name]: Example: Restore FireFox:

Restores the program.

Saying The Names Of Buttons And Menu Items:  If there is a label or command on a menu or button saying its name will execute the command or push the button. This almost, but, not 100% effective. For the exceptions, Mouse Grid or
Show Numbers must be used.



Video Tutorial: Free Speech Recognition Tutorial 4 - Controlling Windows

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