QBasic Tutorial 25 - Sound And Music- QB64

QBasic Tutorial 25 - Sound And Music- QB64


There are a few ways of making sounds and music in QBasic.

The first command is BEEP. BEEP just beeps and is used as an alert.

Next is the SOUND command. SOUND plays a frequency for a specified duration

- Frequency 37 to 32767

- Duration 0 to 65535

Finally, there is PLAY. Here are some settings for PLAY:

O - Octave (0 - 6): O6

< or > - Moves Up or Down One Octave

P - Pauses (1 - 64): P1   Pause Whole Note

T - Tempo (32 - 255) in Quarter Notes Per Minute: T120

A, B, C, D, E, F, G - Plays The Note in the Current Octave

Playing Length(1 - 64): C2 Plays an C Half Note

+ or # Makes The Preceding Note Sharp

- (Minus) Makes the Preceding Note Flat

NOTE: QBasic uses the internal speaker to play sounds and music. Many computers do not come with an internal PC speaker. To get around this problem use DOSBox or QB64.

Links Of Interest:

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Ode To Joy Notes:

PLAY "T120<<e8e8f8g8g8f8e8d8c8c8d8e8e8d12d4"

PLAY "e8e8f8g8g8f8e8d8c8c8d8e8d8c12c4"

PLAY "d8d8e8c8d8e12f12e8c8d8e12f12e8d8c8d8p8"

PLAY "e8e8f8g8g8f8e8d8c8c8d8e8d8c12c4"

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Video Tutorial: QBasic Tutorial 25 - Sound And Music- QB64