Microsoft has updated Windows 8.1. Windows 8.1 Update 1 is a free install for computers running Windows 8.1.

On April 14 / 15, 2014 (depending on location) there will be a lunar eclipse.

Start Page Video: Partial Lunar Eclipse At Sunrise  - December 10, 2011

Science Videos:

Science Video 1 - Intro

Science Video 2 - pH

Science Video 3 - Sensory

Science Video 4 - Density Heat

Science Video 5 - Density Substances

Science Video 6 - Suspending An Egg

Science Video 7 - Flowers

Science Video 8 - Prism

Science Video 9 - Air Pressure

Science Video 10 - Microwaving Soap

Science Video 11 - How Does Your

Water Drain?

Science Video 12 - Make Gummy

Bears Bigger

Science Video 13 - Cool Drinks With

Endothermic Reactions

Science Video 14 - Can A Hair Dryer

Melt Metal

Science Video 15 - Decapitate A Soda Can

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1/23/2013  Windows 8 Pro Tutorials Started

9/11/2012  Visual Studio Express 2012 For Web Series started

6/25/2012 SQL Server Express 2008 R2 Tutorials added

5/12/2012 A new Pascal Program Series has replaced the old series.

8/2/2011 A new QBasic Tutorial Series has replaced the old series.

5/8/2011 C++ W32 Console Programming Tutorial Series is started

2/19/11 Visual C++ Tutorial Series is started

9/10/10 Windows Speech Recognition Tutorials is added

4/11/10 Typeit ReadIt is updated to v1.6 for Windows and Mac

2/27/10 Quick Clock Quizzer is added to the downloads section and the tutorial on how to make the application is added to the tutorial section

1/9/10 The Free Pascal Tutorial Section is updated with examples of GUI programming

7/29/09 Speech Recognition AppleSctipts for core settings and mouse control are added to the Free Speech Recognition page.

7/19/09 Speech Recognition AppleScripts for Safari and FireFox are added to the downloads section.

2/28/09 TyepIt ReadIt is updated to v1.5 and ported to Windows

1/6/09 Voice4Me v1.0 is added to the download section

1/5/09 SpeakABCs is ported to Windows

11/24/08 Creating an Audiobook Tutorial was added with a video

11/20/08 Freeware Links updated to include more videos, screen shots, links, programs, and descriptions.

9/25/08 Freeware Links updated to include more videos, screen shots, links, programs, and descriptions.

5/23/08 Tutorial Section added with Introduction To Word 2007 Tutorial

5/9/08 TeacherTube video links added to TypeIt ReadIt and Big Screen Keys tutorial.  Freeware links updated.

4/10/08 TypeIt ReadIt Interface video tutorial was added

4/7/08 Big Screen Keys Interface video tutorial was added

3/30/08 Big Screen Keys v1.0 added to the download section

2/26/08 SpeakABCs v1.0 added to the download section

2/26/08 TypeIt ReadIt Light updated to v1.1

2/19/08 TypeIt ReadIt updated to v1.1

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