WSR Tutorial 1 - Setting Up The Software

Free Speech Recognition Dictation Software For Windows Vista and Windows 7 Tutorial 1 - Setting Up The Software


Windows Vista and Windows 7 comes with built-in speech recognition and dictation software. The software is called Windows Speech Recognition (WSR). The tutorials use Windows 7, but users with Windows Vista should be able to follow along without complication.

Notes For Setting Up The Computer For Speech Recognition:

To make sure that the speech recognition works properly:

  1. 1) Make sure that the room is free of background noise.

  2. 2) Do not shout at the computer when speaking commands

  3. 3)Use a USB microphone. Microphones that plug into the microphone port of the sound card or are bluetooth do not have the quality that an USB microphone has. This tutorial series uses the Blue Snowball.

  4. 4)Before using WSR, setup the microphone: Control Panel --> Ease of Access
    --> Speech Recognition Options

  5. 5)Then, use Take Speech Tutorial

  6. 6)After the tutorial is done, click Train Your Computer To Better Understand You

  7. 7)It can take some time to learn WSR and for the computer to learn your voice, so stick with it.



If WSR is not working for you, there are some other voice software that you may want to try out:  Other Speech Recognition Software. Some of the software titles have free demos.

Video Tutorial: Free Speech Recognition Tutorial 1 - Setting Up The Software

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