WSR Tutorial 12 - Making Your Own Macros

Free Speech Recognition Dictation Software For Windows Vista and Windows 7 Tutorial 12 - Making Your Own Macros


Making speech macros is simple. To make a macro, double click the WSR Tool icon or right click the icon and select New Speech Macro. A window will appear allowing for the creation of:

Insert Text

Inserts blocks of text like address, contact information, and telephone numbers.

Run a Program

Runs a program of the users choosing. Useful if a program is not responding to the “Open” command. Run a Program is also useful for running command line arguments of a program.

Send Keystrokes

Sends Keystrokes to a program. Send Keystrokes works like the “Press” command.

Emulate Recognition

Emulate Recognition can be used to create an alternative phase for a command that is already created. For example, instead of saying “Open Minesweeper”, “Run Minesweeper” can be created.


Advanced to used to create complex xlm macros.


Windows Speech Recognition Macros Tool

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