WSR Tutorial 6 - Dictating To Other Word Processors

Free Speech Recognition Dictation Software For Windows Vista and Windows 7 Tutorial 6 - Dictating to Other Word Processors


For this tutorial Works 9, Notepad and WordPad will be used. NotePad is really a text editor but is still used for this tutorial. Some programs like Works 9 has limited function with WSR. Diction must be done in the Correction Dialog Box. It is suggested that dictating and inserting one sentence at a time works best. Also, Works 9 has a problem with calling menu items. To click on menu items use Show Numbers or Mouse Grid.

Unfortunately, Writer does not work with WSR. A good work around is to use WordPad for dictation then copy and paste the text into Some forums have suggested that Dragon Dictate / Dragon Naturally Speaking may work with SchoolFreeware has not tried this out, so we do not have an opinion on any Dragon software.

Video Tutorial: Free Speech Recognition Tutorial 6 - Dictating To Other Word Processors

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