The Free Pascal Compiler and Lazarus works on Windows, Mac and Linux.

As seen in Tutorial 1, the file size of the App was about 12 - 15 MB. Using compiler options, the same code will make the same App with a file size of 1.5 MB.

The components and forms have events and properties that are associated with the item.

This tutorial shows how to create an application that shows a philosophical algorithm regarding the meaning of life that the computer can perform.

The Simple Calculator is an app that is easy to make and shows the basics of making an application.

We must convert the string into an integer or floating point number, perform the calculation, then convert the calculation back to a string so the answer can be displayed in the editbox or label.

RadioButtons hold a boolean value of either true or false.

Using Try - Except can stabilize the program and tell the user what is happening if an error occurs.

This tutorial shows how to set up tabs, so, the keyboard can control the application. This tutorial also shows how to clear editboxes and quit the program by calling Application.Terminate.

This tutorial uses the MMSystem to play a sound file.

Macs do not have MMSystem, they have afplay. To use afplay the TProcess must be used.

This tutorial makes a shape and bounces the shape in the form.

Several shapes are added to the form. Parallel arrays are used to control the balls.

This tutorial uses the OnPaint event. The OnPaint event will draw to the canvas every time the form is refreshed.

The App Series covers making GUI Applications in Free Pascal / Lazarus.

The Program Series covers more of the basics of pascal syntax and logic, than the App Series.

For The Command Line Free Pascal Tutorials - See the Free Pascal Program Series

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